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Hello and welcome! 🙂 I’m H.M. Friendly.  This blog is a simple place where I post new stories, discuss my thoughts about writing, or share random reflections on other ideas and experiences.  (See the menu bar above.)

It’s a place where I explore within my own writing what it means to be a psychologically complex creature submerged within the enigmatic emotional experience of the human condition.
(Joy and misery! Thunderstorms and sunshine!)

I invite you to join me as I travel along my journey. 🙂


Let me tell you a bit about myself:

After seven and a half consecutive years in university, my exhaustion and disillusionment culminated in total burnout during which I missed class for two weeks, because I was too depressed to get out of bed.

With the guidance of my former English instructor, who is now my unofficial editor and writing mentor, I had an epiphany: I was chasing a prestigious degree in neuroscience because of a fundamental insecurity in my position in the world, in both a societal and monetary sense.  I often joked that I was working towards a “Social Validation Certificate”.  I strove to maintain straight A+ grades, and it was slowly killing me.

“What I find interesting about this situation,” said Ann, as I slouched lugubriously in her office, “is that most people never discover what they really want to devote their lives to, and still more lack the freedom, opportunity, or ability to pursue it.  You have all of this, and yet you have spent nearly the last decade not doing it, because you’re too busy being miserable doing something you hate.”

I could not argue this.  How much more of my life can I afford to squander on self-imposed misery and disillusionment?

It is not an easy position to find oneself.  I was beset with convictions of failure and inadequacy.  I felt like a quitter.  Yet, suppose I decided to take up basketball and gave everything I had for three quarters of a decade; if I ultimately found that I really didn’t enjoy it and didn’t see a future in it, after such a diligent effort, would I be considered a quitter?  Of course not.  Yet our career-focused culture would have us believe that if we start a degree and don’t finish it, we are filthy dropouts and unfit for society.  This is evident in the fact that it is, by design, an all-or-nothing achievement.  You cannot have ¾ of a degree.  You either have the degree, or you are unqualified for life.  But the unassailable truth is that the many benefits to education are gained as a constant data flow, not an instantaneous download.

I decided to take the plunge.  With less than five courses remaining, I made the decision to walk away from the degree for which I had slaved so long, in order to pursue writing  fiction full time.  It is my desire to continuously improve my skill at crafting stories which sweep users into another world and encourage them to question pervasive aspects of life and the human condition.

This blog aims to be a continuation of that endeavour.  I will be sharing new writing as it happens, discussing my thoughts and experiences with writing, and talking about my own personal writing strategies and principles.

I hope you enjoy it.  🙂


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~H.M. Friendly


I have two books. They are available on Amazon in paperback, and also through Kindle.  Also, if you’re in Victoria, BC, I can personally present a signed copy to you.  😀

“Quality, Protein-Rich Meat Products” and other stories on Amazon
The twisted imagination of H.M. Friendly spawns 7 bizarre tales of technology & horror…

“RePurposables and other stories” on Amazon
Immerse yourself in the universe of New Genesis, a post-nuclear metropolis whose citizens must endure severe economic/class inequality and abuse at the hands of a tyrannical dictator.  These 8 interrelated stories intimately explore the lives of the people of New Genesis and the culturally unique societies surrounding it.  Despite being in constant conflict with each other, these disparate communities must learn to band together to defeat a common enemy.

Contact me for a free sample!  I’ll send you a PDF of a story of your choice from either or both books.  (See the Amazon product pages for the story synopses.)

Check out my YouTube channel:

(H.M. Friendly on YouTube)


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All written content on this site is copyright of H.M. Friendly.

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